Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva

Nuno discovers his passion for music at the age of 14 when he starts to take acoustic guitar lessons, shortly followed by electric guitar lessons. After heeding the call of the winter moon he starts with friends the Serpent Lore band, where he explores the darker sounds of heavy metal. In 1998 he records a demo-tape and performs live several times in the north of Portugal. In 1999 he decides to expand his musical knowledge and starts taking classic piano and music theory lessons at Oporto Jazz School.

In 1999-2003 he joins the world music project Mandrágora where he plays percussion and 12-string folk guitar, recording an E.P. “Aranganho” and actively participating in the composition of the band’s first album “Mandrágora”. During this time he performed live in many occasions, with the highlight being the EuroFolk 2002 in Parthenay, France.

In 2000-2003 he attends the Production and Music Technologies course at ESMAE where he acquires knowledge in the field of music production.

In 2007, together with José Correia, he creates the project Elementos, dedicated to exploring the fusion between music and spoken poetry. In 2008-2010 he returns to the project Mandrágora, this time playing greek bouzouki and hammered dulcimer.

In 2009 he develops a keen interest in classical and traditional repertoire of Middle Eastern cultures and since then he dedicates himself to studying instrument such as the Persian Santur, Saz and Oud, technique and repertoire. In 2012, after redefining the musical path of the project, he creates Addūcantur along with the other project members, with whom he composes and performs original songs inspired by his studies of different musical traditions.